Links June 13, 2017

Value investing, a decadelong loser, looks more dormant than dead

The financial system is irrational and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

More people subscribe to a streaming service than they do cable TV

Settlements for Company Sins Can No Longer Aid Other Projects, Sessions Says

On the one hand, Sessions can bite me. On the other hand, using settlements to pay for other projects with no input from Congress seems like a juicy opportunity for grift. As if the Omnibus bill isn’t bad enough. And, on the subject of Sessions biting me, there’s no way his proposal is due to fear of grift of taxpayer funds. He just doesn’t like the projects the settlements have been funding.

Naomi Klein: ‘Trump is an idiot, but don’t underestimate how good he is at that’

She ended the book with what sounded then like “this crazy idea that you could become your own personal global brand”.

Speaking about that idea now, she can only laugh at her former innocence. No Logo was written before social media made personal branding second nature. Trump, she suggests in her new book, No Is Not Enough, exploited that phenomenon to become the first incarnation of president as a brand, doing to the US nation and to the planet what he had first practised on his big gold towers: plastering his name and everything it stands for all over them.

Uber board to discuss CEO absence, policy changes: source

The source said it is not clear that the board will make any decision to change Kalanick’s role. The board is expected to adopt a number of internal policy and management changes recommended by outside attorneys hired to investigate sexual harassment and the firm’s broader culture.

I’d love to know what those recommendations are. And who would have guessed a company designed, from the start, to violate local and state law regarding taxi licensing would also have issues following labor and employment law.

Cory Booker Urges State Democrats To Focus On Values, Get Out The Vote

“Let me just remind you. We’re here as Democrats. … We are the party of … civil rights, worker’s rights, we’re the party of Medicare and Social Security, we’re the party of the environment,” he said. “We’re the party that cares just as the much about the people who sit down for a nice dinner as the people in the kitchen who are going to be cleaning up afterward. We’re the party of we, and not the party of me.”

Booker said he believes the majority of Americans share Democratic values and believe in quality health care for all, revising gun laws that give terrorists and criminal access to firearms and retaining banking regulations put in place after the recession, as well as a higher minimum wage, pay equality, paid sick leave and legal protection all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

Booker is going to have a tough road ahead reconciling this message with his votes for Big Pharma.

Too hip or too dull? The many reasons J Crew lost its spot in Americans’ closets

Every time I’ve given J Crew a chance, I would up looking like a frumpy middle-aged mom from Cape Cod.

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