Edit IX

Still working on trying to handle my Wacom with some amount of competency. People draw with these?

Also I’m baffled at the idea that short times on market and bidding wars equal a “buyer’s” market. Although I’m also baffled about how many of my neighbors are renting their homes out when the value of all our homes have gone up at least a third in the past three years. Might as well cash out now.

What are gluten free people eating that they’re experiencing a greater risk of heart disease?

Errors aside, the writing in this article was so stilted, it makes me wonder if it was computer generated.

Sometimes that’s all you can ask. I assume the headline was supposed to be something to the effect of: “Waitress” found naked in Orlando Bloom’s bed is an ACTRESS*, but it’s so badly written, it makes the most sense to kick it back to the author.

*No idea why “waitress” is in scarequotes while “actress” is in all caps. If anything it should be “actress” in scarequotes since she actually has a job as a waiter.

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