Links May 26, 2017

Excessive Worriers Might Have Their Big Brains to Blame

This might explain my struggles with anxiety and depression.

Why Is U.S. Maternal Mortality So High? Poverty and Lack of Access to Health Care.

No shoutout to obesity? Maybe that’s not causing maternal death, but surely it’s a factor in lowered fertility and risky pregnancies.

This Herbal Tea Kills Cancer Cells Without Damaging Your Body

No idea if this works, but I’d be willing to try it assuming it has no negative side effects.

Google’s employee-run email list tracks bias, sexual harassment complaints

I have mixed feelings about this. It’s nice that Google is trying to tackle bias and harassment (although it would be even better if Google would give the DOJ the salary data they’ve requested) but it’s also weird to have to make these complaints where other employees, employees not necessarily in HR, are going to see them.

We need Israeli-type security to guard against lone wolf terrorists, says ex-State Dept official

And who’s going to pay for that?

Hillary Clinton Actually Practiced Avoiding an “Unwanted Trump Hug” — and the Video Is Gold

‘Silicon Valley’ Fact Check: Are ‘Blood Boys’ a Thing?

Good rule of thumb: If it’s unbelievably absurd and something you can’t imagine anyone doing, it’s probably is indeed a real thing in Silicon Valley.

I also guessed what Bryce was for almost as soon as he showed up onscreen.

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