Links May 24, 2017

$6.40 an hour for nine years: how I got stuck in a career as a Walmart employee

Trump is trying to run the government like his business. That’s why he’s failing.

Trump is like John Heard’s character in Battlestar Galactica. “Why can’t an engineer captain a ship?” Because you have no leadership skills!

“Why can’t a businessman run the country?” Because you have no clue how the government works!

Why Israel needs a Palestinian state

Both the Israel and Palestinian approach to this issue seems to involve hoping the other side just up and disappears one day. While the Israelis have more capability to make the Palestinians go away (or worse), neither will actually happen. What does Likud think its going to get out of strangling the occupied territories? They keep pushing settlements, eventually they’re going to wind up with one state, which is the worst possible outcome from their perspective.

To save the republic, take away Trump’s Twitter account

Expectations of corporate social responsibility means Americans looking to businesses to drive change

To be fair, the U.S. government is completely broken, but still good luck holding out hope for businesses to do the right thing. They’ll only do that if there’s something in it for them, and true change will be way too expensive with very little reward.

‘I knew they were sugar pills but I felt fantastic’ – the rise of open-label placebos

This just adds to my support of doing whatever works for you when it comes to personal health. Even if it’s a waste of time or money, adults have the right to make questionable decisions. And, regardless, the placebo effect is a real thing.

Notre Dame students walk out on Mike Pence commencement speech

I support this kind of protest way more than the favored approach on campuses right now of preventing people from speaking at all, or instigating violence/riots when unpopular speakers do show up.

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