Links May 18, 2017

John Oliver targets dialysis, a procedure that’s exhausting, deadly, and very profitable

If Oliver keeps going after things that actually matter, rather than targeting liberal-approved low-hanging fruit, I might actually start watching his show.

Why Is Everyone in Alien: Covenant So Damn Dumb?

Is Lindelof involved with this? If not, I might still see it.

Exclusive: Democrats in U.S. Senate try to slow Republican deregulation

Rahm Emanuel just wants Democrats to stop the madness

When I asked Rahm Emanuel how he thinks Democrats around the country are doing in appealing to the middle class, he pretended he was about to pound the table with both hands: “That would be one physical expression,” he said.

“We don’t talk about and fight for the middle class like we are,” the famously expressive Chicago mayor said. “We believe we’re for them, but they don’t — if they don’t hear we’re for them, then we got a problem. It’s not just for the string of policies. It’s also a set of values that respect who they are in their lives.”

It kind of figures that it’s Emanuel who says this since I’ve always assumed he’s the kind of corrupt asshole politician who actually gets shit done.

The grandson of an immigrant who arrived in Chicago, Emanuel takes the subject of immigration personally. But in December, when he went to see the then-president-elect in Trump Tower to appeal for a more welcoming approach to immigration, he made the case not on morals, but on Trump’s wallet.

“‘You know, you don’t invest in cities that are hostile to immigrants,’” Emanuel said he told Trump. “‘Why? They’re dynamic. They have new people coming in all the time. They have the energy of an immigrant culture, which is they’re starting small businesses, they’re hardworking, their kids are striving in school.’”

Emanuel went on: “I said, ‘I can make the moral argument. I want to talk to the part of your brain that’s a real estate developer. Look at the cities you invest in. They’re all welcoming.’”

More logical arguments and fewer emotional/moral arguments from liberals please.

Why the Cannes Film Festival matters (and how to pronounce it)

Cannes is widely considered the most prestigious film festival in the world, mainly because of its exclusivity and long history of premiering some of the greatest films of all time. The festival has launched the careers of many prominent filmmakers, like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh.

Cannes carefully cultivates its image by programming a limited number of films; by giving awards selected by juries that are stacked with well-known filmmakers, actors, and composers from around the world; and by maintaining the largest film market in the world.

Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: ‘Everything feels like the future but us’

Musk’s account of the company’s approach differs from that of the 15 current and former factory workers who told the Guardian of a culture of long hours under intense pressure, sometimes through pain and injury, in order to fulfill the CEO’s ambitious production goals.

Tesla sits at the juncture between a tech startup, untethered from the rules of the old economy, and a manufacturer that needs to produce physical goods. Nowhere is that contradiction more apparent than at the Tesla factory, where Musk’s bombastic projection that his company will make 500,000 cars in 2018 (a 495% increase from 2016) relies as much on the sweat and muscle of thousands of human workers as it does on futuristic robots.

There’s the problem. Trying to run a traditional industrial workplace like a tech startup. Related to this is how huge established companies like Amazon try to continue to run roughshod over employees despite there being none of the potential payoffs you get for living the job at a promising startup.

Generally speaking, don’t trust a “progressive” company, but especially one emerging from Silicon Valley.

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